Published on October 4th, 2016 | by Jaycen Saab

Sermon: Pulling Back the Curtain of the Prosperity Gospel

Beyond the lavish life-styles and ego-centric church services associated with those that preach a Prosperity Gospel, the doctrines that under-gird the message are where we see its greatest dangers. In an effort to justify the man-centered focus of “your best life now”, scripture is twisted and made to conform to a gospel that is no gospel at all. At its core, God has been exchanged for the lustful desires of a sinful heart. True believers must be diligent to sniff this teaching out and reject it’s distortion of scripture.

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- Follower of Christ Jesus, husband, father, street preacher, worship leader. I live to see Christ glorified and the Gospel reawakened to be heard above the static, white-noise of false teachings like "word faith" or the "prosperity gospel." My greatest passion is to chase Christ no matter the cost. (MATT 11:12)

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