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Weekly Roundup: 11-08-2013

Here’s your weekly round-up of writings, reviews, and/or videos from around the Internet this week…

How Do We Hear From God?
This is the bit that confuses, or even scares, people today. If we are still in the last days, and if our lives and our churches today are supposed to look like the book of Acts, with people prophesying, seeing visions and so on, then what checks and balances are in place to stop it from going wrong? What can we do to ensure we’re hearing from God, and not making stuff up?

How You Fell
Wiping away tears from his eyes, the once confident man expresses his dismay, “How did this happen, I had such strong faith?”

Render unto Caesar or unto God? Government Funding and the Crisis of Conscience
Back in 1869, Baptists in Kentucky established a “Home for the Helpless,” seeking to serve orphans and other homeless children. Like so many other Christian churches and denominations of the era, Louisville’s Baptists saw the need for an orphanage to provide care for parentless and abandoned children, who before the establishment of orphanages were housed with adults in almshouses. The Home for the Helpless became the Louisville Baptist Orphans Home, and its charter established its mission to serve “orphan and destitute children.”

John MacArthur Answers His Critics
John MacArthur’s Strange Fire conference has come and gone and the book will be shipping next week. Whatever you felt about the conference, there is little doubt that a lot of work and a lot of discussion remain as we, the church, consider the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit.

What the Empty Seat Says
We’ve all done it. We shuffle down a row of chairs and, just before we arrive at a person, we stop one chair short. We leave an empty seat between us and the other person, secretly hoping an usher won’t ask us to “scoot in.” What does that empty seat say? Why are we compelled to leave that “safe seat” between us and others?

Dr. Steve Lawson Gives An Impromptu Gospel Presentation


Soli Deo Gloria!




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