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Weekly Roundup: 12-06-2013

Here’s your weekly round-up of writings, reviews, and/or videos from around the Internet this week…

Four Accounts, One Savior
If you have ever tried to read about the story of Jesus’ birth from one of the Gospels in the New Testament, you will have already discovered two things. First, no one Gospel tells you everything about the birth of Jesus. And second, some Gospels do not tell you anything about the birth of Jesus.

7 Christmas Sermon Ideas
For many churches, Christmas is a great opportunity to present the gospel to a lot of new people.

Stopping An Affair Before It Begins
At one time or another, most of us witnessed the devastation that comes through infidelity in marriage. We have seen marriages stretched almost to the breaking point and we have seen marriages destroyed by an unfaithful husband or unfaithful wife.

Errors of the Prosperity Gospel
Over the years, however, the message being preached in some of the largest churches in the world has changed—indeed, a new gospel is being taught to many congregations today. This gospel has been ascribed many names, such as the “name it and claim it” gospel, the “blab it and grab it” gospel, the “health and wealth” gospel, the “prosperity gospel,” and “positive confession theology.”

The Goodness of God and Calvinism
Calvinism, as a system, rejects libertarian conceptions of free will. Indeed, some Calvinists seem to reject even compatibilist conceptions of free will. So there are no hidden cards, I’m a Calvinist of the compatibilist type. I think God’s determination of events and human free will can be reconciled with one another in a way that compromises neither. At any rate, Calvinists are less inclined to appeal to the free will defense because it seems (in most cases) to assume some sort of libertarian free will.

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