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Weekly Roundup: 12-13-2013

Here’s your weekly round-up of writings, reviews, and/or videos from around the Internet this week…

In Which ‘God’ Does Clarksburg Trust?
n an attempt to join a nationwide initiative, Clarksburg City Council (located in Harrison County) may have simply muddied the waters and contributed to the ever-popular, growing thought of religious pluralism.  Simply put, religious pluralism teaches that different religions are all true, despite the fact that they contradict each other.

Rethinking Santa
With Christmas quickly approaching, several Ask Pastor John podcast listeners filled the mailbag with Santa-related questions. Corbin, a listener from Gainesville, Georgia, asked: “Pastor John, should parents allow their children to believe Santa Claus is bringing them gifts on Christmas?”

Did God Really Say __________?
Questioning God’s word is nothing new.  It has been happening for thousands of years.  The first time we see it happen in the Bible is when a talking serpent (not exactly something that you see everyday) approaches Eve to tempt her in Genesis 3:1-5.

Dealing with Demons
After a few months on “our” mission field—a post-communist, dead, atheistic region—my family and I were reeling from shock. No, not culture-shock, though there was plenty of that. It was the shock of coming face to face with demonic forces beyond our comprehension.

Never Always Winter
In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, C. S. Lewis describes Narnia as a place where it is “always winter, but never Christmas.” This is a perfect way to explain to a child (and to the rest of us) what cold despair and degradation look like. “Always winter”– everything is frozen, dead, unable to grow or green; “never Christmas” — no gifts, no family meals together, no warmth from the fire, nothing to which to look forward.

On Them Has Light Shined—The Christian Minister as Torchbearer
Christmas feels like the perfect time for a seminary commencement ceremony. What could be more fitting than to send out a new band of Gospel preachers just as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and declare the great announcement of the incarnation?

Audio clip from John Piper’s “Rethinking Santa”…

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