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Bridgeport Grad Boldly Proclaims Christ

When Biblical truths rub against perversions culture deems normal, it’s always the Christian worldview that is censored.

BRIDGEPORT – In today’s cultural climate, we have tolerance thrown into our face at every turn.  That is, except when it comes to Christianity.  When Biblical truths rub against perversions culture deems normal, it’s always the Christian worldview that is censored.

However, on a sunny Saturday morning in the middle of a football stadium, before hundreds of fellow students, administrators, faculty, and parents, 18-year old Bridgeport High School graduate John Marshall stepped to the podium and let loose a bold proclamation for Christ that many mature Christians I know would be afraid to attempt.


John Marshall receives degree after speech. Photo by Ben Queen/

After the niceties, the introduction begins, “…I want to let you know one thing… I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live. But the life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God who loved and gave Himself for me.”  From there on, there is wave after wave of glories being offered up to Christ.  All credit and attention is pointed squarely at the cross.  I found myself cheering and teary-eyed with joy that a young man would be so bold.

When asked for what led him to do this, John replied, “I’ve always stood firm on Romans 1:16 but mainly because I love God so much, how can I possibly pass up the opportunity to share his perfect love with everyone.” Amen!

Seeing this boldness for Christ make it an honor and a privilege to attend church with this young man.  (You could say I’m a little biased.)  This is also a testament to the faithful preaching of the Gospel by our pastor at Fellowship Bible Church and guidance by godly elders who operate within the confines of Sola Scriptura.

Here’s the speech… Buckle up!

Soli Deo Gloria!


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  • robert

    Nice job. Glad we live in WV so that this can happen.

  • Lisa

    Wow!!! John is a true blessing to all that know him.

  • Amber Fancher

    Cool! I heard Hannah Fetty (the female student that spoke) gave an awesome “sermon” too! So great to have 2 students that love Jesus proclaim His name!

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