Practical Evangelism

Published on March 5th, 2014 | by Jaycen Saab

Practical Evangelism: Eating Out

There are several ways a Christian can engage others in evangelism, and many of them are simple … as simple as eating out at a restaurant. Try this: the next time you sit down at a restaurant and the server comes to take your order, before they leave simply say, “My family is going to thank God for our meal now and we were wondering if there was something you’d like us to pray for?” There is a chance they may decline and that’s fine … pray for him/her anyway.

The first time we ever tried this was during a church meeting at local family restaurant near St. Louis, MO. We asked the waitress if there was anything she would like us to pray for and her reaction was incredible. It became obvious that she had working very hard to hide the stress that was weighing her down and all at once that facade deflated. She began to tell us of the many big decisions she was facing and the uncertainty of her immediate future. I don’t know what happened afterward, but she went through that day knowing that a group of people cared enough for her to lift her concerns to the throne room of God.

It’s not hard, and it’s a great first step to pursuing deeper spiritual conversations with people.

If you try this, leave a comment and let me know how it turned out … and then do it again.

To Christ alone be the glory!


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