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Published on May 15th, 2014 | by Jaycen Saab


Practical Evangelism: Standing in the Checkout Line

This “Practical Evangelism” tip comes from my wife.

When shopping at our local grocery store (or any store you frequent for that matter), don’t look for the shortest checkout line.  Instead, choose a specific cashier and always go through his/her line.  While waiting in line, pray for your cashier.  When it is your turn to check out begin a friendly conversation.  The more times you go through his/her line the more you will get to know about him/her and the more specific your prayers will become.  Eventually, you may feel comfortable asking if there is anything you can pray for, but more likely you can just simply wait for your relationship to grow to the point where they will share something with you and you can simply respond, “I’ll be praying about that.”  The next time through, ask them about it.

Obviously it may not be possible to go to the same cashier each time for various reasons, but try to focus on one or two.  This is a great way to redeem your time standing in line (as opposed to reading all of the tabloid headlines!).  It’s also a great way to allow the LORD to develop your sense of patience.

To Christ Alone Be The Glory!

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