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Recovering The Gospel

Among all the pop-psychology that has infected many Christian bookstores today, there comes along, once in a while, a gem of a resource.  Every now and then, there comes the Gospel of Christ in it’s unfiltered, unashamed glory.  It is presented boldly, accurately, and undiluted to clearly drive home the most unbelievable message the world has ever heard, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Paul WasherToday with false teachers promising our ‘Best Life Now’ or others distracting us with fictitious stories about ‘The Four Blood Moons’, the unsuspecting Christian can easily get lost in the white noise of powerless books taking their hard-earned dollars.  In the midst of that, many Gospel-driven resources go unnoticed.

I would like to “unearth” a treasure I’ve found.  This is a gem in the crown of trustworthy Gospel-centered resources.  Oddly enough, the title says it all, “Recovering the Gospel” by Paul Washer from HeartCry Missionary Society.  Here’s a brief description of what you’ll find in this powerful series:

One of the greatest crimes of this generation of Christians is its neglect of the gospel, and it is from this neglect that all our other maladies spring forth. Absent from too many pulpits are the essential themes which make up the very core of the gospel the justice of God, the radical depravity of man, the blood atonement. In The Gospel s Power and Message, Paul Washer addresses these essential elements of Christ s good news and provides a guide to help us rediscover the gospel in all its beauty, scandal, and saving power. May such a rediscovery transform your life, strengthen your proclamation, and bring the greatest glory to God.

The series is made up of 3 volumes: The Gospel’s Power and MessageThe Gospel Call and True Conversion, and Gospel Assurance & Warnings. Each one complimenting the other or able to stand on it’s own.

rg_01 This book is meant to be for every believer, and especially for those who regularly share the gospel to others, whether from the pulpit, on the streets, or in the workplace and neighborhood. Every Christian needs to go deeper and to be more versed in the Gospel of Christ. It is the Gospel of Christ that is of first importance. The goal of this book is not just to fill your head, but to make your understanding of the Gospel more robust and healthy, thus transforming your life (Rom. 12:1-2).
rg_02 The goal of this second book in the series is not just to fill your head, but to make your understanding of the Gospel more robust and healthy, thus transforming your life and evangelistic approach (Rom. 12:1-2). So part of the goal of the book is to set forward the result of true conversion in the life of the believer, so that the change of life essentially tied to a true conversion is understood alongside the biblical call to faith.
rg_03 Gospel Assurance and Warnings is the last in the series. It aims to bring joy and assurance to the believer, and salvation to the lost professing Christian, by helping us to take seriously the narrowness of the gate and the path, as well as by understanding the true transformative work that goes on in the Lord’s work of saving sinners. The various tests for assurance in 1 John are brought out and explained, as well as other key New Testament texts dealing with the sure and certain realities which are a vital part of the life of every Christian.


While I’m working on a full review, I’m writing here now because until December 31, you can get the entire series at a very deep discount of only $23.50 for the entire series!  Click the link below to order this from Granted Ministries.*


Get Recovering the Gospel Series


Soli Deo Gloria!


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