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Compromise: The Enemy Within

March 17th, 2015 | by Josiah Batten

One of the key signs of being thoroughly compromised is not even realizing all of the ways in which we are

Religion and Relationship

February 8th, 2015 | by Josiah Batten

One of the most common assertions I hear today is that Christianity is about relationship, not about religion. I find

A Dozen Reasons Jesus Existed

December 24th, 2014 | by Josiah Batten

Jesus mythicist Raphael Lataster has recently been picked up by the Washington Post for arguing Jesus did not exist, even

Family Worship Resources

December 1st, 2014 | by Josiah Batten

I have previously discussed the nature, necessity, and content of family worship. What I want to do here is simply

Family Worship: Its Content

October 13th, 2014 | by Josiah Batten

In my first post in this series, we discussed the nature and necessity of family worship. Family worship, as we

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